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Dear Friends,

During our exciting and reinvigorating convention in January, thousands of
Liberal members voted to introduce an inclusive new supporter class to help
us pick our next leader. This bold change swings the doors of the party wide
open to create the most open and modern political movement in Canadian
history – and we want your family and friends to be a part of it.

The buzz across the country has already begun and we’re asking for your help
to spread the word. Please encourage your friends and family to join the
movement and become Liberal party supporters at no cost or obligation. They
will be able to remain informed and aware of what is going on in our effort
to rebuild and modernize the Liberal party and be part of an open, inclusive

With your help, the Liberal Party will be ready and able to provide the
alternative to the increasingly divisive American style politics now being
practiced in Ottawa on both the left and the right. With a strong
re-energized Liberal Party we can all look forward to a brighter future that
is more sustainable socially, environmentally and economically.
Become a supporter: